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It is true that we mostly host weddings, but we have the ability to host almost any party. We are open to hosting your birthday parties, baby showers, or even a good old fashioned family reunion! So let us know what you are celebrating and we will do our best to make sure it is memorable and a rousing success! We know that you like to have a good time, and we promise we will deliver it!


Be your wedding small, or be it large, we can handle it. With a playground for the kids and a bar for the adults, there is something for everyone. Our staff will strive to make it the wedding of your dreams!


We are no strangers to a big important event here at THE BARn. We've held tractor pulls, radar runs, and post-proms here. So if you are planning any of those kinds of events, let us know! We would be happy to help out and make your event a success!

Parties & Celebrations 

If you are thinking a birthday party out at THE BARn would be fun, we would tend to agree. Any kind of party is welcome, THE BARn is not just for young lovers. Let us know what your party is for, and we will get it done!

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